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Ensuring that every citizens’ constitutional right of voting is protected at the ballot box has been and will continue to be a top priority of House Republicans. Democrats, including current Governor Roy Cooper, continue to fight this commonsense measure supported by an overwhelming majority of all North Carolinians to require all voters to show a valid photo ID before casting their ballot. Integrity in the electoral process is paramount to a strong democracy.

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Overwhelming Majority Favor Voter ID

There is strong, consistent support for Voter ID in North Carolina across all ideological and demographic groups.  33 states require some form of Voter ID and North Carolina is the only state in the southeast that does not ensure confidence in our elections process.

Why Voter ID is necessary?

In an age of identity theft, verifying the identities of all voters is essential.

Current law does little to detect and prevent voter impersonation. We should do all that we can to ensure the security of our elections process. It is disingenuous for critics to claim the problem doesn’t exist when we haven’t been looking for it. Opponents want to deny the mechanism needed to prove voter fraud and then turn around and say there is no proof of voter fraud.

Voter ID curtails questions of voter fraud by folks on both sides of the aisle and helps ensure every candidate wins or loses on his or her own merits. Voter ID protects the right of all voters and provides all voters the right to cast a secure ballot, as required by the North Carolina constitution.

What type of Photo IDs Are accepted?

The amendment is written broadly to allow further citizen input on what identifications will qualify if voters approve the constitutional amendment for voter ID.

Join the majority of North Carolinians who believe in the preservation of our fair elections. Your contribution today will help us reach as many voters as possible and secure safer elections for future generations.