In 2011, NC House Republicans promised a new day for North Carolina.  Our common sense, conservative policies have helped foster a growing economy and created an environment of economic prosperity for all North Carolinians. There is still more work to be done.

We face a new obstacle now that Governor Roy Cooper is in office.  It is clear that Governor Cooper is resorting to the failed tax-and-spend policies of yesteryear.  He and his liberal allies will stop at nothing to defeat our proven, successful policies and try to beat us at the ballot box.



In 2011, when the voters of North Carolina voted for change and a new economic direction, North Carolina had a 10.4% unemployment rate and countless onerous regulations hurting small businesses and killing jobs.

House Republicans heard the calls for change, and we have responded by enacting commonsense reforms to unleash North Carolina’s businesses and citizens to work hard, save for their future, and invest in the next generation. Our unemployment rate is down to 5.5%, and over 250,000 jobs have been created across North Carolina.

The government does not create jobs. The government can only foster an environment of job growth. North Carolina is now routinely mentioned as a top place to do business. House Republicans have enacted job-creating regulatory reform, reduced the amount of bureaucratic red tape hamstringing small business, balanced our state budgets, promoted an all-of-the-above clean energy approach, reduced the overwhelming tax burden on business, large and small, and all our families, transformed our public education, community college, and university system to prepare our students to compete in a 21st Century economy.



For too long Democrats decided their education policy based on the whims of teachers’ unions and unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats.  These policies left our children woefully undereducated and struggling to succeed in life.  We believe education should be measured by the success of our children.

House Republicans shook up the education system to put the education of our children the most important priority and to empower parents to have more say in their child’s education.  We believe that allowing parents to have a choice in their children’s education in vital as no one understands the needs of their child than their parents.

House Republicans transformed educational outcomes to ensuring that every student willing to work hard has the path to success. To do so, we have enacted a performance pay that rewards our very best educators, provided opportunity scholarships for disabled students and those in schools that are not meeting their educational needs, and lifted the cap on the number of charter schools to allow innovation and modernization in our education system.  Most importantly, we have prioritized programs to guarantee that all students can read competently in the early part of their educational journey.

We truly value the dedication to our children demonstrated by our teachers.  Contrary to the propaganda perpetrated by out-of-state labor unions and Democrats, we gave teachers their first significant raise in years – 12% over the past five year - and now the average North Carolina makes more $50,000 per year.  Republican leaders want to raise average teacher pay to $55,000 by 2020. 

Simply put, we have put more money directly into the classrooms to ensure they are benefiting our children. 



Ensuring that every citizens’ constitutional right of voting is protected at the ballot box has been and will continue to be a top priority of House Republicans. 

Democrats, including current Governor Roy Cooper, continue to fight this common-sense measure supported by more than two-thirds of all North Carolinians to require all voters to show a valid photo ID before casting their ballot.  Integrity in the electoral process is paramount to a strong democracy.



In 2011, House Republicans inherited a $2.5 billion deficit after decades of liberal tax-and-spend policies.   Families across North Carolina must balance their family budgets or face bankruptcy, why should our politicians be any different?

Since then, House Republicans have made the tough decisions to put North Carolina’s fiscal house back in order.

The results speak for themselves.  We have balanced the budget every year and enacted fiscally conservative ideas to create a surplus while cutting taxes and putting more money in the pockets of all hard-working North Carolinians.   More than $4,000,000,000 ($4 Billion) has been returned to our citizens and we have bolstered North Carolina's rainy day fund in preparation for an economic downturn or natural disaster.



House Republicans will continue to fight against all efforts to strip away our constitutional right of self-defense.  We believe in the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution and the rights afforded to all North Carolinians to keep and bear arms.  House Republicans believe law-abiding North Carolinians take the individual responsibility of bearing arms seriously and we support their ability to protect themselves and their families.