Joe Sam Queen has spent his millions running for office for over a decade, never caring who he hurt along the way.

Ignores His Tenants in Need; Houses Drug Lords and Sexual Predators

Joe Sam Queen has never bothered himself with the details. Whether it’s who he rents to, having an active license for his architecture profession, or even having a legitimate property management company with the NC Secretary of State’s office, Joe Sam only cares about one thing: his bottom line.
Over the years, Joe Sam has received several complaints of drug activity in his apartment complex. In 2018, Haywood County authorities seized 80 grams of meth from one of the units. In 2019, another raid yielded heroin, meth, and other drug paraphernalia. 
In addition to drug traffickers, records show that Joe Sam Queen also houses a registered sexual predator who was convicted of sexual battery against a 12 year old child. It seems like Queen is pretty hands off when it comes to his tenants.
To that point, one of Queen’s tenants complained about a toxic mold problem in one of his properties. They repeatedly tried to contact Queen and begged him to fix the issue which had made their young boy very sick. Joe Sam Queen was nowhere to be found.

Inattention to Detail

Queen is an architect by trade. However, he was formally reprimanded and fined $4500 for not renewing his license and practicing without one. 
Just this year, Queen’s Haywood Rentals, LLC and Meadowland Apartments, LLC were dissolved by the North Carolina Secretary of State’s office for failure to file an annual report. 
Joe Sam Queen’s business practices raise serious questions about his character. The people of Haywood County deserve credible representation and a leader of strong character.