Perennial loser Dan Besse is running for the House for the fifth time, sporting an 0-4 record so far. Besse’s record as an activist and Winston-Salem Councilman is one of far left, progressive ideology and virtue signaling.

Dan Besse's Greatest Hits

Supports Violent Criminals Here Illegally

In 2017, Besse introduced a resolution declaring Winston-Salem a “welcoming city” aka a Sanctuary City to all, including illegal immigrants.
In 2019 Besse praised the Forsyth County Sheriff for not working with ICE and refusing to hold those accused of violent crimes and wrote to the Forsyth County Delegation to the North Carolina General Assembly asking they vote against House Bill 370.

Voted to Defund the Police

In a fit of virtue signaling hysteria in June 2020, Dan Besse voted to move $1 million in funding from the Winston-Salem Police Department, claiming even though he was removing money from their budget he wasn’t defunding it.

Advocate for Socialized, Single Payer Healthcare

Wants to Restrict the 2nd Amendment

In the summer of 2019, Besse posted a rant on his Facebook page, calling gun rights supporters “deniers” and “apologists”. He also mocked those who believe mental health is a major factor in mass shootings, writing that, the shooter “cannot slaughter 9 people in 60 seconds without a tool of mass murder in his hands.” He also bemoaned that the “deniers” say that we mustn’t “politicize tragedy”, and blamed the “small-arms manufacturing industry” which funds politicians and “controls the hand-puppets in charge of groups like the NRA”. He then went on to claim politicians who support gun rights just “endlessly, mindlessly, serve the merchants of death in this charade”.

Anti-Development, Anti-Business NIMBY

Has advocated for removing North Carolina’s status as a right-to-work state and reimplementing unions. He compared the pro-business legislation of the last decade to “Jim Crow-era” law.

Former Employee of Planned Parenthood

Besse wants to see radical, pro-abortion laws passed. He recalls “cheering” on Roe v. Wade.

Former State Director of North Carolina League of Conservation Voters