Voter ID Constitutional Amendment Sponsored by N.C. Speaker Moore

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In keeping with our promise to ensure the integrity of our elections, NC House Republicans have announced a proposed amendment to the North Carolina Constitution.

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While voter ID laws are frequently mischaracterized by the far left, North Carolina is one of only 17 states in the nation and the only one in the southeast that doesn’t have reasonable Voter ID requirements to cast a ballot in person.

By overwhelming majorities, North Carolinians strongly support commonsense Voter ID measures. Recent polling from indicates 69% support voter ID. A national poll showed 70% of US voters support voter ID, showing our state’s voters are in line with the rest of the country.
We say it is commonsense, because photo identification is required for several everyday tasks and activities, such as buying cold medicine or driving a car. With the right to vote an important bedrock to our democracy, a simple, commonsense approach provision for voter ID is needed to ensure that right is protected and each ballot secure.

North Carolinians both want and deserve fairness and fraud prevention at the ballot box. We look forward to their opportunity this November to strongly show their support for these commonsense provisions.