Tillis and Legislators Honor Military Servicemen and Veterans for Military Appreciation Day

Raleigh, NC – Speaker Thom Tillis and members of the General Assembly honored North Carolina’s history of courageous veterans and current military personnel on Tuesday as part of Military Appreciation Month.

Military commanders, officers and personnel processed from the Bicentennial Plaza to the General Assembly building and were greeted by Speaker Tillis and Sen. Leader Berger before meeting with other legislators prior to session.

The adoption of a joint resolution continued the legislative priority of maintaining North Carolina’s military-friendly environment.  In 2013, the General Assembly passed six bills that directly affected both active military personnel and North Carolina’s veterans.  In 2014, the House and Senate will review several potential changes for veterans and military personnel – including the Governor’s proposal to grant in-state tuition for military veterans.

“I am excited because I have not seen anywhere near this level of military and veteran-friendly legislation in years past,” said Major General Cornell Wilson who serves as Military Advisory to Governor McCrory.  “If we can get these final pieces into place, we will have accomplished more this session than has been accomplished in quite some time.”

The joint resolution honoring the men and women of the United States Armed Forces passed unanimously in both the House and Senate as state leaders demonstrated the priority to honor our most heroic citizens.  North Carolina holds six major Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security installations and the U.S. military is the second largest sector of the state’s economy.

“Taking care of our veterans will continue to be a priority for North Carolina both now and for generations to come,” said Speaker Tillis.  “We appreciate the ongoing dedication and service of these men and women to preserve the freedom and liberties of the people here in North Carolina.”