House Supports Successful Investment Strategies in 2017-2018 Budget

The North Carolina House of Representatives released highlights of its balanced budget proposal for the 2017-2018 biennium, submitting a plan that supports successful government investment strategies contributing to revenue surpluses, rainy day reserves, rapid economic and population growth this decade. The budget highlights released were provided to appropriations subcommittees for consideration and votes before the House’s full spending plan – including state employee salaries and benefits, further […]


Did AG Josh Stein Deny North Carolinians Integrity at the Ballot Box?

On Monday, the United State Supreme Court denied the petition for a writ of certiorari in North Carolina, et al. v. North Carolina Conference of the NAACP. This case centered on the North Carolina Voter ID law passed in 2013. This legislation sought to ensure integrity at the ballot box for North Carolinians by among other things requiring “voters to present an approved form of photo identification […]


Gov. Cooper Breaks Campaign Promise to Middle-Class Families

Governor Roy Cooper must have forgotten his campaign promise yesterday when he handed out $40 MILLION of North Carolina taxpayers’ hard-earned money to a global bank – Credit Suisse. Here is the promise straight from Roy Cooper’s campaign website: “Corporate giveaways and tax cuts for the wealthiest come at a high cost for middle-class families.” Now that Roy Cooper is Governor Roy Cooper and he needs photo […]


We Truly Appreciate Our Teachers

NC House Republicans truly value the dedication to our children demonstrated by our teachers. Contrary to the propaganda perpetrated by out-of-state labor unions and Democrats, our budgets offered teachers their first significant raise in years – 7% or more than $3,300 per teacher. We will continue to reward teachers for their hard in educating our next generation. “Thank you to all North Carolina teachers for your immeasurable […]


Class Size Compromise Gives Schools Flexibility to Spend Hundreds of Millions in Increased Funding

The state House of Representatives agreed to a class size compromise this week that provides further flexibility in how public schools set class sizes and spend hundreds of millions in increased education funding provided by Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly since 2012. “This class size compromise responds to local education concerns and provides more transparency to taxpayers on how public schools spend hundreds of millions […]


Protecting Freedom of Speech

Protecting the freedom of speech is a bedrock principle of the United States of America and North Carolina. NC House Republicans are and will still be steadfast in protecting our core constitutional rights. HB 527 will “restore and preserve free speech on campuses of the constituent institutions of North Carolina.” Do not be fooled by the rhetoric from those on the left. Some liberals and their allies […]


Veto Override to Streamline Judiciary Approved by House

The North Carolina House of Representatives approved its third veto override of Gov. Roy Cooper on Wednesday, preserving legislation to improve North Carolina’s judicial branch by allowing a streamlined Court of Appeals to share its caseload with the state Supreme Court. The bill’s primary sponsor Rep. Justin Burr (R-Stanly) issued a statement: “Governor Cooper has a history of packing the Court of Appeals for political purposes, so […]


Computer Coding as Course Elective Approved by North Carolina House

Students in North Carolina high schools and middle schools could take computer coding as a course elective under legislation approved by the state House of Representatives on Tuesday. House Bill 534 Computer Coding Course Elective passed 120-0 and is sponsored by Rep. Jason Saine (R-Lincoln), Rep. Jeffrey Elmore (R-Wilkes), Rep. Evelyn Terry (D-Forsyth) and Rep. Ed Hanes (R-Forsyth). The bill directs the State Board of Education “to […]


Veto Override of Gov. Cooper Protects Bipartisan Oversight of Ethics, Elections

North Carolina will maintain bipartisan oversight of campaign finance, lobbying and ethics investigations following a successful veto override of Gov. Roy Cooper by the state House of Representatives on Senate Bill 68 Bipartisan Board of Elections and Ethics Enforce. “Gov. Cooper vetoed Senate Bill 68 so he could wield political influence over elections and ethics investigations in North Carolina, but the House has preserved fair and consistent […]


Jobs Program ApprenticeshipNC Approved by House

The state House of Representatives passed House Bill 646 ApprenticeshipNC on Monday by a 111-6 vote, addressing a growing demand for skilled workers with legislation to help train North Carolina students for high-paying jobs. Sponsored by Rep. Susan Martin (R-Wilson), Rep. Craig Horn (R-Union), Rep. Debra Conrad (R-Forsyth) and Rep. Mark Brody (R-Union), House Bill 646 would “coordinate workforce education and customized training tools to fill talent […]


Gov. Cooper’s Bait & Switch on Judges

Remember when Governor Cooper stated, “Judges make tough decisions on child abuse, divorce, property disputes, drunk driving, domestic violence and other issues that should be free from politics.” After all of Governor Cooper’s empty rhetoric about politics having no place in the courts, he appointed a liberal Democrat judge that has been twice rejected by the voters of North Carolina. This action offers new meaning to the […]

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A Single Fraudulent Vote…

Ensuring that every citizens’ constitutional right to vote is protected at the ballot box has been and will continue to be a top priority of North Carolina House Republicans. Democrats, including current Governor Roy Cooper, continue to fight these common-sense measures – like voter ID, which is supported by more than two-thirds of all North Carolinians that would ensure integrity in our electoral process. A single fraudulent vote, […]


BRIGHT Futures Jobs Bill Passes North Carolina House

The North Carolina House of Representatives passed House Bill 68 BRIGHT Futures Act on Thursday by a 109-8 vote, approving legislation to connect rural residents of the state to broadband services and help underserved regions attract economic development opportunities of the 21st century. The BRIGHT Futures Act stands for Broadband, Retail, Internet of Things, Gridpower, Healthcare and Training – emerging markets of the digital age that are […]


Rep. Brian Turner Votes Against Free Speech

Rep. Brian Turner, a Democrat from Asheville, voted against legislation to protect free speech on the campuses of North Carolina’s universities. House Bill 527 aimed to “restore and preserve free speech on campuses of the constituent institutions of the University of North Carolina.” With the recent violence and protests surging on college campuses, ultimately stifling free speech, this legislation creates a welcoming environment to any and all […]

House Rules Chairman Responds to Supreme Court Decision on Congressional Redistricting

North Carolina House Rules Chairman David Lewis (R-Harnett) released a statement Monday in response to the U.S. Supreme Court upholding an appeals court ruling that required the state General Assembly to redraw its 1st and 12th Congressional district maps: “North Carolina’s congressional maps – despite being approved by President Obama’s Justice Department – have already been redrawn and voted in to elect new federal representatives statewide,” Lewis […]

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